Ripe Recipes: Four Seasons of Fresh Cooking by Angela Redfern

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Ripe Recipes: Four Seasons of Fresh Cooking

by Angela Redfern

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Know what’s in season and when to cook it! Savor fruits, vegetables, and grains at their freshest time of the year to enjoy delicious and healthy meals. Choose your favorite flavors and serve guests memorable dishes, from stunning wintery feasts to light summer fare—and everything in between! Knowing how to cook in season means you’ll get to feast on nature’s finest at its best.


About the Author:

New Zealand–born Angie Redfern was raised in England. Her career in the hospitality industry blossomed when she earned a work placement at The Savoy in London. She later worked with Tricia Guild at Designers Guild before returning to Auckland and opening the ever-popular Ripe Deli in 2002.

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