Multicooker Cookbook: In the Kitchen by Allison Waggoner

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Multicooker Cookbook: In the Kitchen

by Allison Waggoner

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Welcome to the Multicooker!

A multicooker simply is a one-stop cooking pot that can roast, sauté, slow cook, steam, stew, sous vide, make yogurt, cook rice, and, last but not least, bake!

You have the ease of cooking savory meals that simmer all day, but also imagine baking decadent cakes and breads to surprise and delight, or making tempting breakfast treats that nobody can resist.

The flexibility of the multicooker, together with over 220 recipes and photos included in this book, will surprise and inspire you to create enticing new menus. You will find easy-to-follow recipes to create yummy specialized dishes.

Step into the world of multicooking, and together with these exhilarating new recipes, be galvanized into the next generation of one-stop cooking pot deliciousness.


About the Author:

Growing up in the chocolate industry inspired a journey filled with delicious and innovative cuisine for Allison Waggoner. Allison began her career developing her family’s gourmet chocolates, creating some of the finest award-winning confections in the world. Her culinary designs have been featured in Crate & Barrel, Culinary Product Magazine, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Godiva Chocolatier, Walt Disney World, Fancy Food Magazine, Target, Universal Studios, William-Sonoma and The Food Network. As a classically trained chef, Allison’s culinary and marketing career brought her to the attention of television executives. She first appeared as a guest host, bringing her confections and family history to the home shopping industry. Allison is presently seen in more than eighty million homes as a host on ShopHQ, a leader in retail broadcasting.

Now, Allison brings her love of food and favorite recipes to you in her first cookbook. A nostalgic collection of recipes accumulated through the course of her life and career, In the Kitchen is filled with simple, delicious dishes for every day of the week.

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