21 Days to Detoxify Your Life: Body, Mind, and Soul by Adele Cavaliere


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21 Days to Detoxify Your Life: Body, Mind, and Soul

by Adele Cavaliere

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Kick-start your way to a healthy new you in just 21 days!

Detox with celebrity nutritionist Adele Cavaliere and watch your energy levels soar, your skin take on a healthy glow, and your body flourish as you flush out all those harmful toxins. Filled with over 75 delicious detox recipes, this book is bursting with helpful tips for exercising and eating right. Try the

  • Flat Tummy Kefir and Yogurt Oat Parfait
  • Cellulite Crusher Greens Salad
  • “Baby got Brains” Maple Glazed Walnut Crusted Salmon

With this comprehensive guide to detoxing, you can start today and soon find yourself enjoying vitality, joy, and positive energy that will last a lifetime.


About the Author:

Elizabeth McGaw is the blogger for Paleo On A Budget, a website dedicated to those that are following the Paleo lifestyle on a tight budget. She currently resides in Concord, NH and works alongside her husband, as both a Wedding Photographer & Web Designer.

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