101 Gourmet Cakes Simply From Scratch by Wendy Paul

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101 Gourmet Cakes Simply From Scratch

by Wendy Paul

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Let’s eat cake!

101 Gourmet Cakes Simply from Scratch takes on this classic dessert and gives it an exciting new twist, with everything from traditional favorites to fun new flavors.

You’ll be delighted by these sweet recipes:

Maple Blackberry Cake
Cannoli Cream Cake
Chocolate Raspberry Flourless Cake
Snickerdoodle Cake
Wendy Paul, author of the popular 101 Gourmet series, shows how quick and easy it is to bake delicious, mouthwatering masterpieces—all simply from scratch. Wendy also shares many helpful tips, including how to level your cakes, create great fondant, and make the perfect buttercream frosting.

With Wendy’s easy, from-scratch recipes, you’ll be baking delicious cakes, and eating them too!


About the Author:

Wendy L. Paul has been cooking and baking for many years. She enjoys writing recipes and creating easy-to-make desserts and dinners. Occasionally, when she’s not baking, she enjoys a little retail therapy at her favorite consignment stores.  She and her husband Brian live in Utah with their four children.


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